Posted By Frank Kreze on January 19, 2022

High quality service is one of the significant results of an empowered team. Because empowered team members are well-informed, well-trained, and vested with the necessary authority, they are able to seek ways to satisfy customers without being forced
to wade through mountains of bureaucracy and red tape.

Empowerment can be the spark of progress, with many tangible and intangible benefits, including:

• Retention of creative, skilled people as they participate and share in the success of the group,

• Logical, reasonable policy and decision making based on information from diverse sources in the organization,

• High-caliber information flow as people know their ideas are solicited, respected, and acted upon,

• Decreased waste and inefficiency as people closest to situations take initiative,

• Ideas captured in time to respond to market needs,

• Unique competitive advantages derived from maximizing the talents of all individuals in the organization,

• Increased high payoff time for upper management, and

• Improved morale as group members enjoy belonging and becoming emotionally and intellectually involved in


Initiating the process of achievement through empowerment can take longer than imposing an agenda upon others.  But strict, top-down control fails to fully use the potential of individuals. As a result, team members show only short-lived effectiveness,
along with little or no responsiveness or adaptability to outside events. In contrast, once people experience the fulfillment that comes through empowerment and involvement, they are eager to adapt and make full use of their potential. They recognize
the many personal benefits they reap as the organization succeeds and their responsibility and effectiveness expand through empowerment.