Posted By Frank Kreze on February 06, 2024


Many people take the days of their lives for granted, rushing through the years with a rush of activities, places to see, meetings to be in, and chores to fulfill. They work diligently and raise their families, working hard and trying to measure up to their own or someone else’s definition of success. For some of us, we put our heads down, shoulder to the grindstone and forget to look up.

However, not looking up is unfortunate, as it is essential to savor the experiences of each day, both good and bad, as these experiences shape who and what we are. If we don’t look up, we miss the simple joy of a quiet summer evening, the wonder on a child’s face when they discover rainbows in a puddle, or the thrill of experiencing a beautiful sunrise.


Its time to begin a new habit.

Before the end of each week, stop and soak in the experiences of the week. Let the smile come to your face as you remember the happy and the funny. Plan out what you will do “the next time” for those moments that didn’t come out so well. Be sure to be grateful for the time you had to make a positive difference in the lives of others.We should celebrate today.