Gold Seal Certificate

LMI Canada offers the following programs and workshops for the Canadian Construction Industry:

Effective Personal Productivity (10 Gold Seal Credits)
Do you consider yourself productive? Maybe you are, but we guarantee we can turn you into a more productive person, both at work and in your personal life! Learn Effective Personal Productivity

Effective Leadership Development (10 Gold Seal Credits)
Good leaders are worth their weight in gold (literally). Want your company to keep a competitive edge? This program is designed for existing leaders as well as aspiring ones, and will fine tune your leadership skills in addition to reviewing the essentials and teaching you new ones! Learn Effective Leadership Development

Communication Workshop (1 Gold Seal Credit)
Do you understand the communication style of your colleagues or employees?  This workshop will help you improve communications skills, overcome communication barriers, and truly understand styles of behavior and the various ways of communicating.Learn Effective Communication

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