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Do you struggle with saying no to people?

Is asserting yourself difficult at home or work?

Do you find yourself feeling low mood, or symptoms of anxiety or stress?

Is your relationship causing you grief?

If you’ve said yes, our therapists are licensed in your province to be able to “teach” you strategies to help you reduce symptoms and improve the quality of your life. Therapy may be covered by your extended healthcare insurance plans. Please ask us for details.

We’re a team of counsellors, psychotherapists, and coaches working relentlessly to provide you the best service. The treatments and techniques our registered clinicians employ have been shown to be the most effective in reducing symptoms and improving the quality of life for people experiencing anxiety, mood, stress and relationship problems.

Our Counselling Team

Ashley Kreze, MA, RCC, RP
Founder and Clinic Director

Location: Online counselling available to those who live anywhere in British Columbia or Ontario, by phone or video.

Founded Real Life Counselling in 2009, Ashley loves helping people stretch and grow their mental health wellness. In her spare time, she loves gardening, travelling, and camping, and can often be found exploring Beautiful British Columbia on weekends with her husband and son. Check out some travel vids here:

Anna Nguyen, MA, RCC
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Location: Office located Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Online counselling available to those who live anywhere in British Columbia by phone or video..

I’m Anna and I enjoy developing a strong rapport with clients and working in collaboration with them to achieve their goals, promote and improve their overall well-being and quality of life. My approach is flexible. Whether the client is feeling lost and overwhelmed, looking for personal growth or specific changes in their life, seeking further understanding of themselves, findings ways to manage and cope or to simply reflect, I will continue to check-in with them to make sure the sessions are meeting their needs.

Ms. Nicole Sedlak, MA, RP (Qualifying)
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Location: Telehealth Psychotherapy/Counselling by secure video or phone throughout Ontario.

I understand seeking support can be a difficult first step to make which is why I aim to create a safe, welcoming, and non-judgmental space where healing and change can begin to take place. I believe that within each person lies the wisdom that is needed to make meaningful change in their life – my aim is to help you find that wisdom and empower you to make the changes you want to see in your life. Whatever you’re experiencing, you’re not alone, and we can navigate it together. I will offer you a safe space to unload, process, and heal whatever is weighing you down.

Ms. Kelsey Santerre, MA, RP (Qualifying)
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Location: Telehealth Psychotherapy/Counselling by secure video or phone throughout Ontario.

I completed my training in trauma-focused approaches and draw from Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Narrative therapy, and Somatic-based practices. It is my aim that you feel heard, seen, and understood in this space. We can come from different experiences, but compassion can be present and this is something that is felt.

Ms. Neda Brasanac, MSc
Coach and Workshop Facilitator

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia. Online coaching avaialble to those who live anywhere around the world

Neda is the face that stands behind our blog articles, social media posts, and our monthly newsletters. Besides indirectly helping people grow their well-being through her writing, she also directly helps clients to better cope with mental health struggles, as she works as a psychotherapist under supervision in Serbia (Video Counselling). She is currently doing her second Masters (first one being in the field of Clinical Psychology) in Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology, in Italy.

Ms. Joelle Newman
Administrative Assistant

Location: Canada.

My name is Joelle Newman and I am currently in my third year of psychology at Western University. I adore learning about psychology, and expanding my knowledge excites me. More specifically, I have a strong passion for helping people in terms of health and wellness.