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Communication, though it seems simple on the surface, is actually quite a complex area of business that costs companies untold millions every year. Most companies underestimate the importance of communication and therefore don’t give it the proper time, energy and resources that it deserves. The Effective Communication program can help your company and employees to improve communications skills, overcome communication barriers, and truly understand styles of behavior and the various ways of communicating.

LMI’s eight-phase Effective Communication Course is designed to help organizations improve their communication skills from top to bottom and, in the process, also learn how to solve problems through communication.

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How do you benefit?

Communicating to achieve results
  • Understanding why communication is important for human connection.
  • Recognize the rewards of successful communication.
  • Learn effective communication skills.
  • Improve your attitudes for improving communication skills.
  • Learn how to set communication goals.
Discover your communication style
  • Understand yourself and your communication style.
  • Recognize what motivates people and how can you motivate them.
  • Learn basic styles of behavior and communication.
  • Experience how to communicate better to get better results.
Communicating effectively
  • Understand the importance of two-way process of communication.
  • Recognize the barriers to listening and how it effects the output.
  • Learn about the attitudes for effective listening.
  • Empower yourself by interpreting nonverbal communication.
  • Observe and interpret body language effectively.
  • Experience the positive impacts of overcoming communication barriers.
Written communication
  • Study the widespread use of writing to communicate.
  • Acquire the skills of effective writing.
Problem solving
  • Learn how to prevent problems.
  • Attain a constructive approach to handling challenges.
  • Experience how communication can be used s a coaching tool.
Building relationships
  • Recognize the benefits of good communication.
  • Learn how meetings cab be a golden opportunity for effective communication.
  • Learn how to plan for a meeting by choosing the appropriate purpose and format.
  • Strategize to make meetings productive.

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