We’ve Been Developing Stronger Leadership For Over 50 Years

We are LMI Canada, the Canadian headquarters for Leadership Management International® Inc. – a company that believes stronger leadership is always a possibility. We use our process driven techniques and programs to develop professional leaders for companies of all industries.

Based on the philosophies of founder Paul J. Meyer, LMI has been instilling the value and importance of leadership to our clients for over 50 years. With an operational network that now spans 80 countries, LMI is one of the most successful and recognized people development organizations in the world.





The LMI Story – Our Founder

At a young age, Paul J. Meyer became enamoured with the process of goal setting as it relates to personal growth and achievement. As he got older and experimented with different ideas and gained new knowledge, Meyer applied his techniques to his own sales career – and became a millionaire by the age of 27.

Convinced that anybody – no matter where they came from or what their social standing – could achieve a lifetime of success, he formed the Success Motivation Institute, a company dedicated to helping people realize their full potential.

Meyer would go on to found various other organizations, including Leadership Management International. With written and recorded training materials maintained in 25 different languages and counting,  LMI has grown into a worldwide leader in the professional development industry.

The current President and CEO of LMI, Randy Slechta, is leading the company into an era of ultra-competitive markets where professional development remains a keystone of success. Slechta and Meyer co-authored a book called The 5 Pillars of Leadership and have also produced three best selling professional development courses, so your leadership and personal development needs are in trusted hands with LMI.

The LMI Guarantee

” If the LMI Process Doesn’t Foster Stronger Leadership, You Don’t Pay “

We have such strong faith in the LMI Process – a process discovered, developed and tested by our founder  Paul J. Meyer  – that we’ll fully refund your investment in an open public program if you don’t believe you’re seeing marked personal or employee improvement.
You came to us for help and at the end of the day, we’re only happy if you’re happy. We told you the LMI Process would work and we truly believe our  developmental programs are cutting-edge and industry-leading programs that get incredible results. We know we can help you, but our guarantee exists to ease your mind and make the decision to work with us that much easier.

With the guarantee, what do you have to lose ?
The Fine Print: ” The guarantee itself offers a full refund of your investment to LMI in an open public program. This requires that you attend all scheduled sessions, complete all assignments and actively participate in the LMI Process as outlined in the signed Mutual Commitment Agreement. After all, the LMI Process is not a magic elixir – it does require your time, energy and hard work to achieve optimal results. However, if, by mid-term of your program, you’ve fulfilled your obligation and completed all tasks to the best of your ability but are not demonstrating any behaviour/attitude growth or moving towards the results outlined in the signed Mutual Commitment Agreement, your investment will be fully refunded, upon the return of all material we’ve issued to you. “

At LMI, we feel confident in offering our customers this guarantee because we know our process and our developmental programs work. If a guarantee makes it easier for you to commit to working with us, then we’re happy to give you that option in exchange for trusting us with your leadership development.

It is understood that when a company progresses to private in-house work with LMI they are confident in the process; therefore, the guarantee is no longer applicable.

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