Achieving Acedemic Success

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This course is for Middle School to High School Students. This course will help you form the basic habits of success that will open doors of opportunity throughout your life. You will discover and use your full potential, achieve your most challenging goals and discover and understand your talents and abilities that make up your potential. Education and knowledge are, and always will be, the cornerstones of success. Achieving Academic Success program will teach you how to enjoy tomorrow’s success today by helping you tap into time and motivation to develop effective study habits that set you along a path to achieving your goals.

What did you get from the program?

  • Support from the LMI Facilitator (if requested) guides the Participant's day-to-day application of the learnin
  • Complete resource materials allow multi-sensory learning
  • Thirteen interactive sessions are facilitated in convenient bi-weekly workshops
  • Participants present key results and a summary of course accomplishments at a special Graduation Meeting. Certificates are awarded

Course content - What you will learn

  • Concepts of Success, Motivation & Attitude Changes
  • Success as Related to Past Conditioning
  • Attitude and Habits – The Effective Motivators
  • The Power of Goal Setting
  • A Personal Definition of Success
  • Your Resources for Success Now and in the Future
  • Turning Your Dreams into Goals
  • Living with Excitement and Anticipation
  • Begin with Interest
  • Develop Self - Motivation
  • Choose Your Own Future
  • Decide – Then Act
  • The Power of Goal Setting
  • Your Present Skills
  • Establishing Workable Priorities
  • Plans for Reaching School Goals
  • Responsibility for Your Success
  • Planning for Efficient Use of Time
  • Controlling Your Time to Enjoy Life
  • Working Your Plan Successfully
  • Finding a Place for Study
  • Controlling the Study Atmosphere
  • Managing Study Time
  • Maintaining Concentration
  • Initial Preview and Planning
  • Scanning for Ideas
  • Intensive Reading and Notes
  • Review to Remember
  • Scheduling and Deadlines
  • Notes and Research
  • First Draft and Editing
  • Final Copy
  • Building Confidence in Yourself
  • Successful Study Methods for Exams
  • Practical Strategies for Exam Day
  • Building Positive Feelings about Exams
  • What Teachers Expect from You
  • What You Can Expect from Teachers
  • Your Attitude is Your Choice
  • Handling Personality Conflicts
  • Choosing Friends Wisely
  • Building Lasting Friendships
  • Belonging to a Group
  • Dealing with Peer Pressure
  • Maintaining Your Own Unique Personality
  • The Importance of Participation
  • Choosing the Right Activity
  • Learning from Extracurricular Activities
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Exploring Ideas for Careers
  • Developing Basic Attitudes for Career Success
  • Considering a Variety of Options

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