Our Head Office Team

Frank Kreze – President and Master Licensee

Frank Kreze is the President of LMI Canada which is the Mississauga, Ontario operations head office for the parent company, Leadership Management International. Since joining in 1999 he has operated one of the top performing business units for Leadership and Management development in Canada.

His accomplishments include many International awards such as Leadership Counsel and Motivator of the Year. His clients have equally been recognized with some prestigious National and International LMI Awards in corporate achievement. These awards recognize outstanding business sales growth, profit gain, cost reduction and quality improvements. Further these awards also recognize goal achievements in the leaders personal lives.

Prior to LMI, Frank graduated in Aerospace and Industrial Engineering and was involved in numerous senior executive positions. Frank has over 30 years of practical experience in aerospace, operations, manufacturing, auditing international project management, including product integration of complex systems. Today, Frank and the network of LMI Canada certified partners continue to serve people and business needs by developing people and organizations to their full potential.

Preeti Raj – COO & Executive Development Specialist

Preeti Raj is driven by a deep desire to provide organizations and executive teams assistance in professional and organizational development along with strategic planning.
Preeti, a graduate B.A. from York University and a Certified General Accountant professional, thrives on working with executives and business leaders of successful companies. She enjoys helping companies executives identify their performance objectives and assist them in developing a dynamic plan for attainment using the LMI suite of Executive and Management tools.
Preeti began her career as a public accountant and has gained numerous business skills working with a diverse business sector. These skills successfully enhance her current role as a business and personal development coach with LMI Canada.
Preeti is a self-confident and an enthusiastic businesswoman who is dedicated to facilitating people to their full potential and specializes in results driven measurable bottom-line improvement utilizing the untapped potential of people within companies. Her passion and interests include her family, sailing, reading and cooking.

Neha Goel – Operations Consultant

As a visionary catalyst for organizational excellence, Neha is fueled by an unwavering passion to drive efficiency and cultivate sustainable growth within every endeavor she undertakes.  With an innate ability to streamline processes and nurture high-performance teams, Neha derives great joy from delivering transformative results.

Being a dedicated operations leader, she takes immense pride in serving as the architectural cornerstone for businesses, offering them not just structure, but a fortified foundation that ensures resilience, protection, and support. Neha specializes in orchestrating seamless operations that serve as the bedrock for exponential growth. Her role extends far beyond management; she is a facilitator of change, relentlessly empowering individuals to transcend their limits, igniting a flame of motivation that propels them to surpass their goals

Her belief in the power of audacious dreams, coupled with the relentless pursuit of excellence, has been her guiding philosophy. Neha is dedicated to turning bold aspirations into tangible achievements, driven by an unquenchable thirst for personal growth and self-improvement.