Posted By Preeti Raj on March 07, 2022

Motivation begins by discovering a need so strong that it triggers action.  The process is most effective when the action carries some tangible or intangible evidence of exchange.

You never get something for nothing, nor do you knowingly give something for nothing.  Accept and believe wholeheartedly in the principle and base your motivation on a fair exchange.  You are never motivated by an appeal to a nonexistent need,
and you are not likely to be motivated by an appeal to a higher need when lower, more basic needs are yet unsatisfied.

Attempts to motivate yourself must always appeal to the desires that are strongest at a given moment.  Motivation by attitudes and habits involves accepting responsibility for your own actions.  It provides opportunity for growing, for developing
creativity and for helping others.  Unquestionably, motivation by attitudes and habits is the most powerful and lasting force available for development of personal leadership.