Posted By Frank Kreze on July 20, 2022

Collectively, all the decisions you make each day eventually determine your success and that of your organization. Improvement in your decision-making ability requires insight into the habits and personality traits characteristic of your usual approach.

Your decision-making style deserves careful analysis.  Decision-making styles relate to deeply ingrained personality characteristics. Confident and optimistic leaders make on-the-job decisions with confidence and optimism. By contrast, leaders
who are burdened with a low selfimage approach decision making and problem solving with fearful caution and pessimistic hesitation.

Those who are habitually compulsive and perfectionistic demand excessive data and spend too much time in analysis. But leaders who have faith and confidence in people are able to survey problems quickly. They make decisions based on the information
that can be collected within a brief period of time.

Always look upon a problem as an opportunity for discovering a creative and satisfying solution.