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Concepts of Success, Motivation & Attitude Changes

At LMI Canada, we believe strongly in Attitude is Everything. So much so that we have a program that goes by that name! We also believe that a successful person who is motivated now becomes the motivator. The question often becomes “How do I motivate, and lead at the same time?” You might feel that leading your team, or your co-workers is a big enough job that having to motivate them as well becomes a sidebar.

LMI’s Effective Motivational Leadership program will help you get more done through time management and handle and prevent problems with people. You will understand how to train, motivate and develop people to a higher level of production, and learn the art of delegation and how to exercise authority effectively.

The true measure of a good leader doesn’t begin and end with the success of their organization, but with the success of their team. Take for example college basketball coaching legend John Wooden. Wooden was a motivational leader who focused on the character of his team members, not their skills and attributes, the opposite of someone like Bobby Knight, who was prone to outbursts and dressing down his players. A true leader motivates their team allowing them to move beyond where they are into a new stage.

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