Owners/Founders/Senior Leaders are in an admirable and often compromised position. The visionary. The fearless go-getter. The go-to person. No one ever said it would be easy, but it can be easier.

That’s where we come in.

Our programs and facilitation process focuses on what’s important to you – not on what some “guru” or a new “management fad” says is important. Your goals become the driving force behind our results-centered process.

Program Benefits

This program will help you develop your leadership capability. You will understand how to train, motivate and develop people to a higher level of productivity, learn the art of delegation and how to exercise authority effectively, get more done through time management, and handle and prevent problems with people.

1. Identify Your Priorities & Manage Your Time

2. Delegate More Effectively

3. Improve Your Communication

4. Develop Motivation Plans for Your Team

5. Keep Your Team Aligned

6. Set Personal Goals

7. Create Work-life Integration

Plus, we guarantee ROI. In fact, we believe in our method so much, we have a measured minimum 10:1 ROI guarantee.

Effective Leadership Development® Program Overview:

* Small group program with other like-minded community leaders

* Personal profile evaluation report and individual discussion

* Pre-course meeting to define your SMART goals and success measures

* 10 interactive 2-hour group sessions, facilitated bi-weekly

* Audio & digital program materials

* Certificate of completion

* Guaranteed ROI on your investment

**Reach out to book a discovery call:**

Contact : Jill Cashman
email : jcashman@lmicanada.ca
Phone : 647-241-6499


Name Effective Leadership Development®

Start Date 05/22/2024 1:30 pm

Location TBD Burlington Ontario

Program Effective Leadership Development

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