Jill’s career spans 25+ years in brand strategy and marketing communications, helping companies achieve their business goals and improve their performance. Her experience in strategy and account management provided the opportunity to gain exposure in many sectors – from food & beverage, QSR and CPG, to insurance, technology and construction, from human resources to not-for-profit, to name a few. A commonality between all fields? People.

The communications agency space provided a foundation to hone skills in problem solving, adaptability, time management, communication, teamwork, project management and financial acumen. While the early years provided exciting experiences working with notable consumer brands, her most memorable and proudest achievements have been realized while partnering with companies on major organizational priorities – strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and people initiatives. Programs such as revamping an onboarding program to reduce attrition, devising performance enablement internal communications to increase engagement, strategizing employee value propositions and employer brand strategies to increase employee and customer satisfaction, and co-creating a NFP’s 3-year strat plan through a collective ambition framework. A commonality between all projects? Change.

As a green twenty-something year old, Jill got her career start because a great leader believed in her. He saw something in her that she didn’t realize was there. That little spark of belief was pivotal. Fast forward nearly two decades, and her first true leadership role offered valuable experience with an exceptional leader at the helm during a venture into the talent space. During this era she refined her purpose –  “To help others uncover their hidden possibilities.” A commonality between all points in this journey? Potential.

Not one who settles for status quo, Jill is driven by stretch assignments and learning anything new. Enter the world of entrepreneurism. Passionate about her purpose, she completed leadership development certification with LMI Canada and SolutionStream Performance Improvement Group and founded Dragonfly Consulting as a solopreneur. She believes the winning formula for self and performance improvement is People + Change + Potential = Impact.

Jill studied psychology at Memorial University of Newfoundland, completed a college diploma, gained a 2-year communications professional accreditation (CAAP), and has furthered her own development with courses including Brené Brown COURAGEworks, Indigenous awareness reconciliation through the First Nations University of Canada, and mindfulness & meditation levels 1 and 2 programs. She’s also being more intentional about her volunteerism, working with DARE to be YOUth charity among other initiatives. She believes that the combination of lived experiences, reflection, willingness to change, being present, sharing kindness, exploring nature, being of service and remembering your why are the keys to create an abundant mindset with the most impact. She currently lives in rural Flamborough (Hamilton) with her husband, son and 2 dogs.

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