LMI Canada’s Effective Personal Leadership® program is designed to uncover, develop and tailor your personal leadership abilities.

Great leaders are respected and revered. They are self-motivated and tenacious individuals who are admired within all levels of an organization. It is a leader that blazes new trails and accomplishes feats others have only dreamed.

Your ability as a leader can speak volumes about how you are observed as a professional and as a representative of your organization. Whether in your personal life or in your career, you will be observed according to your ability to lead your peers and in your role as a thought leader in your field and industry.


The Effective Personal Leadership® program will help you to:

-Believe in your full potential and discover the untapped potential within.

-Discover the importance of self-knowledge and emotional intelligence.

-Break out of the conditioned existence that has held you back.

-Determine your purpose; the reason you do what you do.

-Recognize the power of positive expectancy and the need for persistence.

-Understand the power of goal-setting and committing to goals.

-Understand the importance of the Total Person® and Personal Leadership.

-Listen with empathy and develop empathy for others.

-Understand that leaders are developers of people, who empower those around them.


About The Program

Profile Evaluation System® personal & coaching report

My-Tyme® Personal Management System

-14 interactive group sessions, facilitated bi-weekly

-Audio & Digital program materials

-Certificate of completion


Contact Amy at: aparrill@lmicanada.ca for or more information or to schedule a discovery meeting.

Contact : Amy Parrill
email : aparrill@lmicanada.ca
Phone : 506-262-1747


Name Effective Personal Leadership®

Start Date 01/30/2025 1:00 pm

Location New Brunswick

Program Effective Personal Leadership

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