Organizational Needs Inventory® (ONI®)

“Want to position your organization to thrive in the future? Then its time to get some invaluable feedback from your people.”

The ONI is a work-smart tool that is unbiased, confidential, and provides a comprehensive diagnosis of an Organization. The ONI measures your structure today compared to the ideal of tomorrow. This tool can help you effect productive changes so that everyone in your company is motivated and moving in the same direction.

Want to be aware of your Organization’s culture? ONI will give you The Organizational Needs Inventory® (ONI) allows for everyone’s input. It gives leaders a current picture of what the Organization looks like in terms of its people and their perceptions. It sets a benchmark for the management team’s leadership and provides clear measurement of success into the future.

Benefits of Organizational Needs Inventory

What is ONI all about :

The ONI is for Organizations whose leaders want to build a better environment for attracting and retaining better people, thereby achieving better operating results.

  • Recognizing that dramatic changes are taking place in the way Organizations are designed and managed is the first step.
  • Learning how things actually are and what they can be is next.
  • Then comes a plan for the future, based upon a clear sense of direction and purpose.
  • Finally, a plan of action is implemented to begin moving toward the desired future.

The ONI Report consists of an Executive Summary, Factor Scores, and Item Scores.

Executive Summary – Contains the major finding of the Organization as perceived by the members of the Organization.

Factor Scores – Focuses attention on scores for the specific group factors such as Years with the company, Gender, Age, and Position within the company, and includes suggestions to management a basis for action.

Item Scores – Focuses attention on specific, concrete beliefs, perceptions, and practices.

Features of Organizational Needs Inventory

How will ONI help you grow your Organization?

The ONI is a survey and comprehensive report relating to three key areas for every Organization. The survey is administered to a cross-section of the Organization. The report measures participant feedback by how they currently view the Organization, and what their ideal view would be. It photographs the current Organizational Structure, Leadership Style and Organizational Culture, allowing decision-makers to guide the Organization. Responses are confidentially processed and a comprehensive report is prepared which pinpoints areas of concern.

The ONI is a method for Organizational leaders obtaining a basis for understanding:

  • How employees describe their Organization’s structure and their views about what an ideal Organization.
  • How employees describe the predominant leadership style employed in their Organization and their views about what the ideal leadership style.
  • How employees describe their Organizational culture and their views about what the ideal Organizational culture.
  • Areas of incompatibility among the present Organizational structure, predominant leadership style and Organizational culture.
  • What changes in attitudes and leadership styles would be beneficial in helping the Organization achieve its goals.
  • Provides a benchmark that will enable you to measure changes over time
  • Allows you to plan for the future with a clearer sense of direction and purpose
  • Provides a vehicle for “Positive Feedback” resulting in employee engagement
  • Helps connect the employee with the business strategy of the company
  • Provides the employee with a clearer picture of the future

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