Pierre-Luc Joyal
Productivity coach

Pierre-Luc Joyal
Productivity coach

Pierre-Luc is a curious and passionate person. His empathy and ability to understand people make him stand out.

Several personal and professional experiences have shaped Pierre-Luc’s career. The richness of all the events makes him what he is today.

Pierre-Luc entered the world of management at a very early age.  As a production manager for the 3rd largest incubator in Quebec, he demonstrated his efficiency, his skills in production management and personnel management while maintaining a team
spirit that fostered the success of both the company and his happy relationship with his employees.

Teaching and coaching entered Pierre-Luc’s life through one of his passions: horticulture. Osteopathy, for its part, has imposed itself to combine human contact, bio-mechanical knowledge, the systemic approach and to share its knowledge. Even today, he
continues to teach osteopathy.

Building on his career as an osteopath, having achieved a high level of performance, productivity and passion for his OsteoZen business, he shares his successes with other entrepreneurs as a Productivity Coach.

The call to help people, the passion for their stories and the desire to understand everything has made Pierre-Luc today a business development coach with LMI Canada.

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