Mireille is an accomplished entrepreneur who is passionate about human potential development. With a bachelor’s degree in nursing sciences, a master’s in business administration (enterprise management) and over 20 years of experience within the provincial health network, she draws on her expertise and great maturity to coach her business partners. The climate of trust she establishes with them, along with her charisma and dynamic leadership, are key to help them achieve their full potential.

Visionary, yet attentive to her customers’ needs, Mireille coaches enterprise leaders and managers to help them improve their productivity, foster their leadership skills and accomplish their strategic vision. Along the way she encourages them to take a step back from the inherent complexities of their area of responsibility, then take action and fulfill their strategic goals.

Mireille invites you on a journey to discover how results management can help you develop your innovating potential, draw from your creativity and go beyond your limits in order to stand out and reach your objectives. Her coaching will set you on the right path to optimize your personal and professionnal development, improve the performance of your work teams and thrust your organization to new heights.

Fields of expertise

  • LMI Canada Inc. Authorized coach – The total leader© :
    1. Dynamics of personnal productivity
    2. Efficient personnal leadership
    3. Motivational leadership
    4. Strategic leadership
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Performance, change and crisis management
  • Skills, human potential and organizational maturity developpement (emotional intelligence)
  • Customer experience
  • Quality, risks and continuous improvement management
  • Psychological distress prevention and management
  • Workplace sexual misconduct prevention and management

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