Bill Beattie is an experienced business leader with demonstrated success in strategic performance improvement, and new business development. He is a problem solver who is committed to helping individuals and organizations define and achieve their goals. He is fluent in both English and French.

Bill has been coaching with LMI since 2006. He has helped over 150 people, mostly in the Kingston, to achieve business and personal goals they thought were out of reach. He brings excellent questioning, listening and analytical skills to each challenge. Bill believes in leading change in the context of a strategic plan and well-defined goals. He is effective at helping to ensure that the human resources of any enterprise are directed to those elements that will ensure success. He is action oriented and committed to open and honest communication. He believes in hard work and delivering value, and in treating customers, employees and other stakeholders fairly and with respect.

Having spent 25 years in the corporate world implementing performance improvement and turnarounds, Bill believes that the LMI programs and methodology are without match in the marketplace for implementing change and leadership development. It is the best combination of both the psychological and project management aspects of performance improvement. It is incredible that the essential elemants of the LMI approach are now bieng validated by various psychological studies, but were implemented by Paul J Meyer 50 years ago. He was a true visionary!

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