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With the help from the course, my thinking began to cast off the strain of negativity. I believe that by using the theories in the courses as my guidepost, my life will become more successful and colourful.
What inspires us most is the quality of SMI® graduates which has seen some of the managers receiving individual accolades beyond Econet from specialty national associations like the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe in recognition of their innovative approach to business and contribution to the national economy. At a personal level, I have invested in my whole family (my wife and 3 children have gone through SMI®) for which I have seen astounding focus and attainment of set personal and business goals.
I was given an opportunity to participate in the SMI® Leadership Program. This opportunity came when I was entrusted to manage a clinic as a Chief. Just an encounter with the SMI® program gave me a better attitude not only as a chief but as an individual. Now, with a positive and proactive mindset and having dreams and goals, my life is abundant. The importance of time management, controlling emotions, and being kind to others has resulted in a distinct increase in sales. I am driven every day toward our vision of realizing the safest dental clinic in the world
The Effective Productivity Program has helped me plan and organize my time more efficiently by using the My Time planner, improved my communication with my team through the weekly lessons and built a stronger sense of commitment to my job and organization by results of the program. During the development period with LMI Canada, I have many goal achievements to be proud of.
I want to thank your organization for helping me succeed. Your program and my relationship with Harry Carroll had a huge impact. This is in retrospect, as I think our first work together was in the early 90's. Former (Retired) CEO and President of Klenzoid Canada Inc.
The Effective Personal Productivity program featured a good mix of theory and practical tips for implementation that made each lesson both interesting and immediately usable. During the program, we learned valuable lessons about ourselves, our fellow team members, and how people in general tick, as well as how these insights can be harnessed to improve ourselves and lead our team more effectively.
Through my work in the Effective Personal Productivity program I have many successes that I am proud of: Determining and releasing the inventory reduction goal to the team earlier than previous years resulted in a significant positive impact. To date, we have reduced our not-needed and orphan inventory by $296,213; Engaged the Engineering Team to develop ways to repurpose the non-needed and orphaned inventory, where possible, resulting in further savings; The above efforts also led to achieving my Customer Service goal – to help the plant achieve their On-Time-To-Promise goals through the effective management of the inventory.
- Raffay Zaidi PCA Team Lead
LMI’s process has helped me to understand how important it is to set goals, build a strong team environment and to learn how to delegate effectively and efficiently. I have many accomplishments that I am proud of: Business goal: Improve the Delivery/Customer Service performance of my team. I focused on the root cause and corrective action(s) when promised delivery dates were not met. By engaging and working closely with the Engineering, Scheduling and Project Management departments on the causes/actions, we increased our on-time delivery performance average from 75% to just over 95%.
The personal productivity program has greatly increased our business organizational efforts and given us the tools needed to pursue ongoing growth and expansion. I have structured work time differently, and increased efficiency through delegation.
Through the work with LMI Canada, I have made many achievements to be proud of: 63% reduction in company absorbed change orders from 69% to 6% 10% improvement in team performance with projects closing at a higher gross profit percentage than this time last year

Sleep Therapeutic has seen the following business benefits to date.... A sales increase of 12%. Our best sales year to date. We are now on pace to increase our business 5 fold in the next 5 years...

During the program I was better able to identify and recognize challenges with the organization. It has helped me to make changes to be more effective in my day-to-day schedule and to recognize the value of my time with clear set goals.

As a team and store leader within Sleep Therapeutics I was able to achieve the following though the lessons in the Effective Productivity Program

A monthly sales increase of 19%. Enabling us to have our best month in store history

A job promotion! My store was doing so well from my goal setting and improved leadership that I was promoted to National Director of Standards for the entire Company.

The program has helped me to organize my day-to-day processes and to recognize that focusing on the high payoff activities is key to success.
The program has revitalized my enthusiasm and motivation, improved my time management and communication skills, increased my determination and persistency, improved my relationship with my staff, and increased the productivity of my staff and myself.

Through my work with the LMI Canada process, I am able to provide services to the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville as well as its lower tiers in a more organized manner thus supplying more deliverables and higher quality material.

Some of these achievements include the implementation of a tracking mechanism for Site Safety Inspections which has raised the sustained completion of these inspections to over 60% per month.

Prior to the Effective Personal Productivity program, our practice was doing well. I was looking for a program that could help me take it to the next level...this program has shown me how to be more organized, prioritize my time, motivate my team, set goals and reach them.

I have been working with Frank and the team at LMI since 2009 and now consider them to be an important part of the KSB team.

Their passion to espouse the LMI philosophy in a structured way ensured both myself and many of my colleagues were able to embrace the concepts that we continue to use on a daily basis...

According to Prochilo Brothers Auto Collision Leadership Team (run from the three separately owned and operated sites), they were facing many challenges.

In January 2011, the Prochilo Brothers Auto Collision Leadership Team was introduced to LMI. By their own admission, they were adrift – with no clear goals or action plans. It was so bad that they were in discussions to merge their locations with a competitor, which in their words, “would be like selling our souls to the devil”. To some, a merger would have been the worst decision for the company to make after 40 years in business...

I am extremely appreciative of the knowledge and leadership skills I have gains to date from the LMI learning principles. Further, I have benefitted from Mike’s enthusiastic, supportive approach and his facilitation style and commitment to this leadership development program which has been inspiring.
The Effective Personal Productivity Program has helped me tremendously in my business and personal life. I now plan and work towards goals to help me be a better leader and a more successful businesswomen.

The Effective Productivity Program has allowed me to work at my business not in my business. It enabled me to view the business from an outsiders point of view.

Through the work with LMI Canada, Trish Montag and K-W Property Management Corp have many achievements to be proud of…

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for the knowledge the LMI program has provided to me and Canderel. LMI has provided me with lifelong tools to attain set goals and their associated objections. As I continue to stride for success and reach new milestones in life, I will always be conscientious of the requirements and processes that have been infused in me to achieve success. This program has been a life changing experience and because of individuals like you I am happy to be in a position that places me “inches” in front of the competition!

The Effective Productivity Program has transformed me from a somewhat frustrated and capable person with a vague and conservative idea of his own capabilities, into an energetic person who feels that he has boundless potential.

As a member of the Senior Management Team, I can honestly say that this program was one of the most value-added courses that I have taken throughout my career. If you are looking to develop your senior staff members to a whole new level do not wait – enrol today!! The results will speak for themselves.

My expectations prior to enrolling in the LMI program have been far exceeded. The style of teaching and the way the information is presented is unlike any I’ve ever seen before.

My business and personal goals were unclear before I had started the course. A few short months later, I’m clearer than ever before on where my business and personal life are heading. The program affects so many aspects of your life that dramatic positive changes start to happen immediately.

The Effective Productivity Program has organized my day-to-day process in my business. Recognizing that focusing on your high payoff activities is key to success.

I have many achievements to be proud of; increased my sales for the quarter by 150%.

The Effective Productivity Program has assisted me in breaking out of my comfort zone and allowed me to realize and reach my true potential. My self confidence and belief in my abilities has been noted by those around me personally and professionally.

The LMI program has made me aware of my strengths and what truly motivates me. Discovering my personality traits and how I react to situations has allowed me reflect on every situation and respond appropriately. The net result was a 17.5:1 return on my investment.

Your efforts and support certainly help us all navigate through the maze of challenges associated with life and leadership. Your methods provide us with tools but your insight, support and encouragement provide us all with the realization that we can do it, and provide the motivation to improve.

Thanks for helping our team achieve higher goals. Prior to you coming, we were doing well but were stagnated. After your well structured plan of implementation with my lead team, it brought them to the next level.

After finishing the LMI course on leadership, instead of the usual 2-4% growth per year, our first two months have exploded to 20% growth.

The Effective Productivity Program has encouraged me to work consistently in my high pay off activities and enabled me to learn the importance of delegation.

Through the work with LMI Canada, Style Construction has garnered many achievements to be proud of including: Elimination of unnecessary change orders using new review process saving $15,000.00…

The Effective Productivity Program has helped me understand who I am and what my personal strengths and opportunities are. It has given me tools and skills to capitalize on my strengths and work on my opportunities to make me a better person and leader.

The Urban Athlete has many achievements to be proud of including: Year to year for a 6-month period Gross Revenue has grown 15%..

The program material is rich with information, tips and goal orientated thinking. It really makes you stop, think, assess and then re-assess and focus on what is working and what isn’t working in one’s business.

The program educates you on how to identify and break the habits that are not working and then focus on creating strategies and positive habits that will work moving forward.

Through this process I was able to develop my Management team in areas of communication, accountability and ability to contribute to the organizational goals...

The LMI process is not like fireworks, all WOW and quickly forgotten. It is a way that stays with everyone for a lifetime.

Frank as I have recently completed the LMI Effective Personal Productivity course, first of all I have to say Thank You to you personally and your staff, as I have not benefited from any of he many courses taken as I have this one. I am well n my way of achieving my Personal goal of 20 lb weight loss as I have only 4 lbs to go. My organization goal of reduction in machine set up time by 20% on all four pieces of converting equipment has not only been reached but also exceeded. These achievements have helped increase production and profitability.
In the last four months I have instilled the benefits of goal setting and demonstrated the inherent value found in achieving those goals with my sales staff; who are now performing at a higher level, both personally and professionally.