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LMI Canada helps leaders and organizations realize more of their potential. People are at the heart of everything we do; we help them to achieve slight-edge changes in attitude and behaviour that translates into enhanced individual performance, increased leadership awareness and measurable business results.

Are you and your organization looking for a development process that can actually measure the return on your investment? The LMI coaching and development process has been proven over time, and throughout the world, to achieve lasting change – change that affects your life, your future, your business.

Canada’s Premier Leadership Development Resource.
To motivate people to their full potential through clarifying and achieving goals, developing a positive attitude, and enhancing leadership ability.
To enthusiastically and successfully implement the LMI proven process causing every client to realize a minimum 10:1 return on investment.

National Guarantee
Our company offers a money-back guarantee. This requires each participant to commit to attend all scheduled sessions, complete all assignments and actively take part in the LMI process, as outlined in the signed Mutual Commitment Agreement. If, by mid-term, the participant has fulfilled his/her obligation but is not moving toward the results outlined in the Mutual Commitment Agreement, your investment will be refunded in full, upon receipt of all materials issued.

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"All leaders at every level fill positions with a common requirement: Leaders work with and through people to accomplish desired results."
Paul J. Meyer