Mireille Dubé

Quebec City, Quebec

Possessing more than 20 years of expertise within the healthcare system, I am an accomplished businesswoman who is passionate about the development of human potential. Holder of a bachelor’ degree in nursing and a master’s degree in Business Administration – business management, I am known for winning others over and inspiring leadership through my actions and words.

The climate of trust and confidence that I am aiming at establishing with you, as a business partner, is one of the key contributor to successful coaching and the thrust of your objectives, whether personal or professional. My dynamism, expertise and great maturity will allow you to take a step back from the various complexities of your line of business and will encourage you to be part of the action with the goal of maximizing your personal development as well as the development of your work teams and enterprise and bring them to new heights.

Visionary and in touch with your needs, I will accompany you in the development of a strategic vision, of your leadership, in the improvement of your personal productivity and in the outreach of your initiatives and accomplishments. You will discover how result management will allow you to increase your innovative potential, to leverage your creativity and go beyond your limits to reach your objectives and stand out from competition.

My specific expertise:

  • couting and developing management succession
  • Thrusting high ranking managers to senior manager positions
  • Supporting entrepreneurs in order to develop new markets, increase their turnover by establishing a mature, creative and productive
  • Boosting work-life balance through time management and the pleasure of taking care of one self,thus generating good work presence and labour input
  • Accompanying my clients in the development and the promotion of their effective, mobilizing and strategic leadership
  • Lover of life and philanthropic management, I am involved in community development. I am actively involved in various organizations which contribute to the development of girls and women leadership. I promote the well-being and health of individuals through training and workshops. Finally, I involve myself and supports organizations that promote sport as a transformational tool that contributes to the health and well-being of individuals. Looking forward to meeting you and to take the time to analyse your needs.

Contact Mireille Dubé:

Phone: 418-627-5772

Mobile: 418 627-5772

Email: mdube@lmicanada.ca

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To contact Mireille Dubé please call 418-627-5772 or email mdube@lmicanada.ca