Jonathan Foster

Ville de Québec, Quebec

Visionary manager, intuitive and driven, Jonathan Foster coaches entrepreneurs and leaders who have strategic positons to achieve their objectives through the effective and proven tools of the LMI programs.

From the young college hockey player who started his own small business to the Vice-President of Operations of an enterprise of 200 employees, Jonathan Foster has in 20 years of a career been helping to grow businesses for which he has been committed to.  He is a technician, but moreover an experienced manager:  Project management, operations, human resources, sales and strategic development.

Having himself grown with the LMI programs, he knew how to strategically and effectively develop the growth of a family business, thanks to his vision and the remarkable management of his multidisciplinary team.  The clients were among such companies as Hydro Quebec, Aloca and Tata-Steel.  Furthermore, he has played a key role in the preservation of the enterprise in a period of two major crises and during the successful sale of this last and of its subsidiaries.

Today consultant, Jonathan Foster takes pleasure in creating a partnership with his clients to coach them in the intense (rush) work periods and revel with them the satisfaction of the accomplished work and in the achievement of the objectives.

Jonathan Foster has all of the tools and the experience to ensure you get there.  Contact him and together, you will reach your goals.

Contact Jonathan Foster:

Phone: 581-985-9072


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