Frederic Leblanc

Baie-Comeau, Quebec

Frédéric has been in contact with entrepreneurship for a long time. His father had a consulting firm, and he quickly understood what entrepreneurship meant.

After studying at the University of Sherbrooke to obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1996, Frédéric chose to settle in Baie-Comeau, in the Côte-Nord region. This choice quickly put him in front of many professional challenges that he took with rigor and versatility, important qualities of a good business coach.

Frédéric is pleasant to rub shoulders with because he places others at the heart of his actions and priorities. His great ability to listen leads us to confide in him easily and confidently.

Over the years, Frédéric has held various positions, including Financial Controller in SMEs, Director of Commercial Accounts in Financial Institutions, Business Advisor, Coordinator of the Mentor Program for Entrepreneurs and General Manager of a Socio-Economic Organization.

For the past two years, he has acted as an entrepreneur at the head of a company offering accounting consulting services. He is also a contract teacher for the Cégep de Baie-Comeau in the field of administration.

Frédéric is a trustworthy person who can be counted on. He will help you achieve your personal and professional goals with the help of LMI programs.

Contact Frederic Leblanc:

Phone: 418-293-3503

Mobile: 418-293-3503


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