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Steve Daniels, CEO Slight Edge Group was recently honoured as the "Americas 2019 Sales Leader of the Year" and "America's 2018 Motivator of the Year" and previously honoured as the "America's 2015 Sales Leader of the year", "America's 2013 Motivator of the Year", and "2010 Rookie Licensee of the Year".    He has also been named to the prestigious President's Honor Club at the Executive Degree level.  Steve's philosophy is simple, "To inspire a passion for life and leadership in everyone he meets". He takes great pride in being able to help individuals and organizations make great leaps toward measurable change. Helping them better themselves through changing both behaviour and habits of thought that affect their results and subsequently, their level of success.

Steve’s greatest strength is his ability to read and relate to individuals while getting them engaged in unlocking potential within themselves to improve their performance in the present and in the future. Because he has a strong value based outlook on performance and achievement, he really emphasizes the importance of successful relationships personally and professionally, and how it directly correlates to one’s ability to succeed.

Prior to becoming a coach with LMI, Steve held several consulting roles over the span of 10 years in marketing, management and sales. He holds a degree in Business with an emphasis in Management and Marketing, along with a minor in Psychology.
Steve believes that everyone will benefit greatly from the LMI process, and as you do, so will everyone in your life.

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Gabriel Basque

I believe in everyone’s potential. Since an early age I quickly understood my mission in life. Simply put, it is helping others. Due to my extremely goal oriented attitude I set myself personal goals of competing in fitness and power lifting competitions as a simple way to show that I CAN do it. My objective is to help you so that YOU CAN accomplish whatever goals you want to accomplish in life. Why? It’s simple. “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”


My professional background flourished with the largest fitness company in Canada. The combination of my positive and encouraging mental attitude and unique work ethic has helped me start my career with the nomination as the Top Personal Trainer in Canada. My consistent drive for success continually ensured that I was acknowledged as a GoodLife Fitness Top 500 year after year.


My exceptional passion is centrally structured around understanding and comprehending Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Discovering the power of EQ has been the key to my success. One of my long life goals is to be recognized as an Emotional Intelligence Expert. I CAN do it.


“We must first manage ourselves before managing others.”

Mel Kennah

The LMI experience encourages and supports the articulation of a personal mission statement.  Here is mine: To be a lead actor in the many roles I play in life and continually work at developing a better version of myself.  I want others to be able to breath a little easier because of my contribution.

This is easy to understand and hard to achieve.  More than great strength or great intelligence; its fulfilment demands continuous effort from me directed toward pushing out the front edges of this mission statement.

In my career as Executive Director of one of the largest non-profits organizations in the province I have been blessed with having a dream job.  It has enabled me to develop an array of programs and services to support at-risk youth to overcome their barriers to healthy development and succeed in becoming connected, productive and contributing members of society.  As the senior administrator I lead a team of twenty managers, and I have been able to provide guidance and direction in their journey of professional development.  In the last 20 years this role has given me the opportunity to grow the organization to five times its size since I started; and to diversify the range & location of service delivery.

My wife and I have been foster parents for the past thirty years and have had over one hundred children and youth live with us.  This lifestyle choice has brought with it many unique self discoveries and permitted tremendous insights into what perseverance and directed effort can achieve.  Seeing so many youths move from risk to resilience has been as inspiring as it has been gratifying.  Anything is possible.

Volunteering has been a central pathway for me in supporting others who are struggling.  I am Past President of three non-profit organizations, a Rotarian, and currently serve on the Executive of two non-profit organizations. 

I have assisted several organizations in New Brunswick, North West Territories and Scotland with their fund raising or strategic planning initiatives.   It is always exciting to see an organization develop a vision for the future and turn it into a reality through goal directed action.

I became involved with LMI in 2017 and have completed three LMI programs to date.  As a lifelong learner I have had many education and professional development adventures.  LMI is unique in that it assisted me professionally with increased knowledge, but more importantly it helped me become a better person in the roles I play in life.  Better planning, higher level of commitment, better efficacy in decision making, better attitudes and greater results.  The LMI experience is truly transformational and having the privilege of sharing this information and growth power with others is why I became an LMI Associate.