Pascal Dubois

Montreal, Quebec

Pascal Dubois, Executive Coach for Leadership Management International, has always been passionate about the human potential. Over time, this passion transformed into a profession and it is with an experience of more than 15 years as a business leader that Pascal accompanies professionals in their personal and professional development. To this end, he offers them to benefit from his experience and to progress through his advice by giving them both his time and his ears, all toward a global goal of happiness.

Since its founding in 2007, Pascal has been a leader in the development of Legault-Dubois, a building consulting firm that now enjoys an unparalleled reputation throughout the industry. To achieve this, Pascal surrounded himself with a team of professionals in his image, that is to say, passionate and committed to the advancement not only of the company, but the entire field of construction and building inspection!

From the very beginning, his leadership and visionary qualities set him apart from others entrepreneurs as he won the 2009-2010 "Young Entrepreneur" Award of Excellence from the South Shore Chamber of Commerce (CCIRS). He also won the Desjardins Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the 2010 Gala. His keen interest in human potential and his resounding success in his early years as an entrepreneur will most certainly lead to a great career as an executive coach.

Pascal holds a DEC in building mechanics as well as several training courses in leadership and personnel management. During his career, Pascal has been a part of many Quebec delegations and participated in several missions on energy-efficient construction and green building in France and Germany. In his day to day, he is actively involved in business development for Legault-Dubois in addition to overseeing the company's human resources, an element he considers vital for the success of a company in 2018.

He is also behind the creation in 2012 of the Legault-Dubois Fund, a dedicated fund aimed at helping abandoned youths who wish to pursue post-secondary studies. This fund is not only dedicated to the financing of studies, but also to the support of related needs such as bus tickets, housing costs, purchases of school materials, etc. With 100% of the funds received going directly to young people, more than 60 lives have been transformed so far: 60 young people to whom the fund has given the chance to reach their full human potential!

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