Nicolas Aubert pursued studies in International Trade. During which time, he worked with the World Trade Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Quebec, succeeding to promote the organization’s activities to exporting companies. Very early on, his main interests
were clearly defined: finance, marketing and logistics.

From 1997 to 2001, Nicolas Aubert was a sales representative for a German freight forwarder, for Eastern Canada. After a brief stay in Western Canada, where he acquired a mandate with the British Columbia Economic Development Corporation, he returned
to Quebec, where he obtained the position of Director of Sales at WJ Jones. He climbed the ranks there, and bought the company in 2014. Since then, in addition to consolidating the foundations of the group in the different market segments, he has
worked to develop leaders within his team so that it becomes empowered and autonomous.

In 2019, Nicolas begins the LMI adventure with the Personal Productivity coaching program. This program turned out to be a game changer for him. Indeed, not only it contributed to a great transformation of attitude and habits in Nicolas, the program prompted
Nicolas to completely review the possibilities available to him and to push the limits of his potential. The quality of changes and Nicolas’s commitment to change were also recognized by LMI Canada in September 2019 at the annual event organized by Donald
Fleming’s team.

In 2020, Nicolas did not hesitating to start the Motivational leadership coaching program. This turned out to be a new stepping stone to a higher level of consciousness and governance. He completed the program in September 2020 and since then has been
passionate about offering his support as a mentor in the Personal Productivity program.

In 2021, Nicolas decides to take the big step. In his vision of helping others achieve their goals and achieve his dreams through their successes, becoming an LMI management coach translated into a logical and natural consequence for him.

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