With an extremely varied expertise in the world of work, Hélène Santerre has worked for more than 25 years within the health network in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta, and has developed a rich expertise in private business management. Hélène is a passionate
businesswoman who is always enthusiastic about developing new approaches to promote the development of people in companies. She holds a license from the order of nurses of Quebec as well as a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She speaks both
English and French.

Her passion for work arouses in the people she meets a passion for learning new approaches. She inspires a climate of trust in her clients, and her very human side gives her recognition from the people she meets.

Visionary and passionate, Hélène listens to her clients’ needs; it assists them in the continuous improvement of their productivity and leadership. Finally, through her dynamism, her team spirit and her availability, she accompanies them in the development
of human resources and that ofthe organizations she supports.

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