Gabriel Basque

Moncton, New Brunswick

I believe in everyone’s potential. Since an early age I quickly understood my mission in life. Simply put, it is helping others. Due to my extremely goal oriented attitude I set myself personal goals of competing in fitness and power lifting competitions as a simple way to show that I CAN do it. My objective is to help you so that YOU CAN accomplish whatever goals you want to accomplish in life. Why? It’s simple. “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

My professional background flourished with the largest fitness company in Canada. The combination of my positive and encouraging mental attitude and unique work ethic has helped me start my career with the nomination as the Top Personal Trainer in Canada. My consistent drive for success continually ensured that I was acknowledged as a GoodLife Fitness Top 500 year after year.

My exceptional passion is centrally structured around understanding and comprehending Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Discovering the power of EQ has been the key to my success. One of my long life goals is to be recognized as an Emotional Intelligence Expert. I CAN do it.

“We must first manage ourselves before managing others.”

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