Anick Santerre

Quebec, Quebec

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Anick Santerre is passionate about business, self-improvement and performance. She supports leaders like herself who are spontaneous, go-getters and creators, to focus their efforts on reaching and exceeding their goals with LMI programs. She excels in supporting small to medium size businesses in succession and growth situations and even in more difficult times. With an altruistic heart, Anick cares for the people she meets and manages to pass on her passion and knowledge.

She studied to be an engineerand began her career in the family business, Santerre Électrique where she worked with her father. Starting in 2005, she received a coaching based on LMI programs and achieved many of the goals she set for herself. It helped her to multiplies by eight the turnover of the construction company. Her achievements will also allow her to go through a major storm: a serious accident that makes her loses her main working partner, her father. Anick had to take over the family in the field of construction and retail a little faster than expected. She was able to excel because the family business was awarded the Enterprise of the Year award at the PME gala in 2008 and 2010. In 2012, she received the businesswoman of the year award. Having been able to surround herself well, she succeeded later, with success, the sale of family businesses in 2013.

She now has 20 years of management experience, primarily in family businesses in the construction, retail and property management sectors.

Today, she sits on several boards of directors and she has her own consulting business with her family and she realizes every day her dream of guiding her clients to success. That's why her coaching team, K2 LMI, won the 2018 North American Rookie of the Year Award in Leadership Management International.

Manager, coach and mother, Anick Santerre offers you her know-how, her talents and her passion to accompany you to your biggest dreams.

Contact Anick Santerre:

Phone: 418-380-0877

Mobile: 581-999-7223


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