Andrew Smith developed his coaching passion working with individuals and athletes for over 30 years.  His background in the field of fitness and health led him to identify with the attributes of a strong leader. His work with professionals
and Olympians has seen the actualization of dreams and goals and his drive and enthusiasm have helped build businesses and develop teams to reach their untapped potential.  He has earned a strong reputation as a caring and conscientious listener
and a motivator to achieve that untapped potential within each client.  His mission is to inspire greatness.

He graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education majoring in Exercise Physiology and is a partner in Embody Fitness Clubs.  He appreciates the role of  leader and is excited to help develop personal change
to inspire greater satisfaction and fulfillment of both ones individual and career goals. 

He has 4 children and resides in Toronto where he is very active and an avid outdoor enthusiast.  He and his wife love to have adventures to plan, train for and complete, be it biking, ski touring, canoeing or strength training. He
is passionate about health, fitness and leadership, helping individuals achieve their dreams through intrinsic motivation, goal setting and hard work.

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