Aiden Carey

Whitby, Ontario

Aiden has 20 years of leadership experience. He has managed both small and large/complex operations in a variety of commodities. Through authentic people-centred leadership and adept use and improvement of operating systems, Aiden has delivered excellent results in safety, productivity, and costs.

Aiden has worked in operations start-ups as well as established organizations in sizes from Junior companies to multi-nationals and has proven the ability to create meaningful change in any environment. In particular, the start-up projects were executed safely as well as timely and cost-effectively. Aiden has successfully helped lead labour relations to successful conclusions on multiple occasions. All these kinds of changes depend on “Our Most Important Resource”, a heavily over-used term that remains nonetheless true. Getting the most possible from our people requires a forward-looking, technically sound, and agreed on VISION. Aiden has been able to help people craft a vision for organizations at multiple levels, make that vision real and practical, and through that process get people engaged in the realization of that vision.

Contact Aiden Carey:

Phone: 647-627-3893

Mobile: 647-627-3893


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