Effective Personal Productivity®

The Effective Personal Productivity® program is designed to empower you with skills for enhancing personal awareness, fine-tuning your efficiency, and effectively achieving your goals. The comprehensive, eight-phase program allows you to unlock new potential by establishing superior self-management.

The Effective Personal Productivity® program will help you to:

  • Create and execute clear, measurable goals
  • Track and measure your goals bi-weekly
  • Learn to set priorities in all areas of your life to help you restore balance
  • Improve productivity levels by communicating effectively
  • Develop teams through delegation and shared responsibility
  • Develop leaders who understand how to create the environment for optimal team performance, accountability, and results

About The Program

  • Profile Evaluation System® personal & coaching report
  • My-Tyme® Personal Management System
  • 14 interactive sessions, facilitated bi-weekly
  • Audio & Digital program materials

We currently offer sessions via Zoom, a confidential video conferecing platform. In-person facilitation is available for organizations looking for in-house cohorts.

Amy Parrill
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Effective Personal Productivity®
05/09/2024 1:00 PM
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