Posted by Frank Kreze Posted Date:10/27/2021 10:00 AM

Whatever you choose to do tomorrow, next week, or next month, ask yourself these questions:

1. Have I crystallized my thinking so that I know what I want to achieve and am sure where I stand now in relation to this goal?
2. Do I have a detailed written plan and a deadline for its achievement?
3. Do I have a burning desire to achieve the goal I have set for myself?
4. Do I have supreme confidence in myself and my ability to reach my goal?
5. Do I have the iron-willed determination to follow through regardless of what other people say, think, or do?

If the answer to all these questions is an unqualified “yes,” you are not only ready to begin, you are already destined to succeed!

Like all of our developmental programs, your road to more effective personal productivity begins with an introduction to the basic concepts of the  LMI Process and our developmental approach. Your complete buy-in to the notions of multi-sensory learning, spaced repetition and the power of goal setting is vital to successfully completing the program.

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