Posted by Frank Kreze Posted Date:10/06/2021 9:00 AM

A manager’s primary responsibility is to get work done through other people, and the single most effective technique for achieving this purpose is delegation. Effective delegation is the act of giving someone else the responsibility and authority to carry out an assignment or to represent you or your organization in a specific role. In addition to sharing responsibility, delegation involves communication and training. When teamwork is at its best, effective delegation occurs. Practicing the art of delegation is a vital tool in your development as a leader and manager because of these key benefits:

1. You improve your personal time management, leveraging your energy and ideas.
2. You provide motivational and development opportunities for others on your team.
3. You maximize the interests, strengths, and contribution of others and increase the team productivity.
4. You make use of a valuable yet easily overlooked training tool – delegation!

The definition of delegation can be expanded to include sharing of responsibilities with team members, other managers, or anyone with whom dividing responsibilities is appropriate and logical. The concepts used for traditional delegation apply with some modification when sharing responsibility. Effective delegation multiplies your efforts many times over by using the time, knowledge, experience, and creative power of other people. Effective delegation frees you for the planning, problem solving, and tracking required to build a more productive organization.

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