Posted by Frank Kreze Posted Date:09/01/2021 10:00 AM

As you focus on empowering team members, you cannot forget to empower yourself—to develop and use more of your leadership potential. Becoming the effective leader you were intended to be offers you the opportunity to give of yourself. And it is in giving of yourself that your goals become tangible realities. Consider these opportunities you have as an effective organizational leader:

Give of yourself.
Life is a gift to you. Give back the best of yourself. Austrian philosopher Martin Buber said, “There are no gifted and ungifted here...only those who withhold themselves and those who give of themselves.”

Give of yourself to your family and friends.
You are enriched by giving of yourself to your family and friends, revealing your innermost being and offering to them your unconditional love and support.

Give of yourself to your community and your country.
You have unique talents and abilities you can put to use to make society better for everyone—talents that no one else can offer.

Give of yourself to your team members and other business associates.
One of your richest sources of satisfaction and happiness lies in the close personal feelings you develop for the people with whom you work. The bond of trust and mutual encouragement you develop is more valuable than any corporate title or any amount of money you may ever accumulate.

As your positive self-image grows stronger, others see you in a new light. They are inclined to believe that you can take on added responsibility and that you can aid in the achievement of even more important organizational goals.

LMI’s multi-phase Effective Personal Leadership program is designed to uncover, develop and tailor your personal leadership abilities.

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