Posted by Stephen Daniels Posted Date:05/05/2021 10:00 AM

If you’re familiar with LMI, what do you think of when we come to mind? We like to think it’s “Fantastic coaching for management professionals”. We love taking what we know and helping professionals apply it to their every day so they can excel in their field. After ten years of cultivating successful habits and attitudes in professionals,  Stephen Daniels decided we should start sooner. He wondered about the impact high-level personal and professional development coaching could have on the lives of future leaders.

With a personal mission to help re-imagine leadership in Moncton Canada, Daniels and his team set their sites on a new target audience: Grade 12 Students. Partnering with the Riverview Boys & Girls Club, and Director Matt Mckeigan, the program was born and soon after, a group of grade 12 students at Riverview High School was identified to participate, earning school credit upon completion.

The ​Attitude is Everything program launched in January, 2019 with 13 student participants and Steve Daniels serving as LMI Coach and Facilitator. By June, eight students successfully graduated from the program.

With both Stephen Daniels and Matt Mckeigan volunteered their time to execute the pilot project, community involvement was essential to allow the program to be offered at no cost to the students and sponsors from the community were sought to cover the program materials cost.

Built on the belief that ALL people (regardless of gender, personality, social standing, or education level), could develop the necessary characteristics to achieve and live a lifetime of success, LMI uses the teachings of founder Paul J. Meyer.

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