Posted by Frederic Leblanc Posted Date:09/06/2019 3:30 PM

Who are you willing to follow in life? Who are the people inspiring you the most? Think about those people for whom you have admiration and who are a source of motivation to you. These people who have our attention, do great things. They have one thing in common: they have taken action; they have achieved results. Of course, they have faced significant obstacles in their lives but have had courage to get up and move on.  Isn't this a characteristic of a great leader? 

Of course, I am inspired by the ones who have fought their battles with persistence and come out victorious.  What did they do to get where they wanted?  They worked very hard, showed perseverance and disciplined themselves walk on the path of success. 

But the people who inspire me the most are entrepreneurs, those individuals who have the courage to start or acquire a business. I get a chance to work with them on a daily basis as a coach. These individuals who are part of our daily lives. Thanks to them, our environment is dynamic: they create jobs, allow us to obtain goods locally, make our regions dynamic by creating wealth, allow our region to grow. Yes, it takes courage. The courage to dare to invest in a business project (time and money), take risks (yes starting a business involves risks), the courage to make decisions that have a significant impact on their personal and professional lives. To start my business in 2015, I gave up job security, guaranteed income. To do this, you have to be brave (probably a little crazy depending on people's perception). You stand up for your dreams and take the necessary actions to fulfill them. 

Be brave, take action. Be one of those people who act and that others want to follow. Success is the result of the action and not dreams. That’s what makes all the difference.  

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