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Posted by Stephen Daniels Posted Date:06/19/2012 4:07 AM
Have you ever been to a training seminar that is 2 hours, half day, 2 days, etc., in length?
Think back...Imagine the last time you attended one of these sessions.  You're taking vigorous notes, you’re getting more and more excited by the moment as you learn fantastic techniques that you can't wait to put in to practice as soon as possible.
When Monday comes that next week, what happens?  How come you didn't start immediately using all of the wonderful things you learned in your training seminar?  It doesn't make sense...or does it?
Did you know that studies show that 48 hours following a training seminar, even with great notes, you've forgotten 50% or what you learned...and after another 6 days, 45% more is lost.  That is 95% gone after only 8 days following a seminar.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes the 5% you do remember was worth the price of admission.  The funny thing is that most people still won't use even the 5%.
Let me ask you a question. In a time when there are more training and development options available to you than ever before in history, how much return are you getting on your investment in your people?
I think I might know the answer!  According to a McKinsey Quarterly article called, "Getting More from Your Training Dollars", only 25% of respondents to this survey said that their training programs measurably improved business performance. This is an incredible stat because this means that 75% showed NO noticeable improvement!!  The answer to a follow up question comes to no surprise to me after hearing this... "More than 50% of line managers believe that shutting down the Learning and Development function would have no impact on employee performance!"
"People are an organization's only appreciable asset" -- John Maxwell
Why do you think it might be that 75% don't find current training to be beneficial toward success?
Here are the 3 main reasons why:
1.       There are no "REAL" expectations planned at the beginning of the training
2.       We want to Fix the problem mentality with no effort.
3.       There is NO Follow up.
"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten!"--Paul J. Meyer
Don't waste your money anymore on training that you have no real expectations for.  Now is the time to build your plan and clarify your expectations.  Once you do this, partner with a company that wants to work with you to achieve "YOUR" plan, not theirs.  Remember, that the real responsibility for the change within your people and therefore your company is up to you.
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