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Whatever you vividly imagine

Posted by: Barry Reid Posted Date: 02/08/2011

“Whatever you vividly image, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.”
This was a favourite, time tested quote of LMI founder Paul J. Meyer. I have had a few new clients challenge the veracity of Paul’s claim. Their point being, nothing in life is inevitable except death and taxes. Sometimes you can do everything in your power and obstacles prevent you from achieving your goals.
Well perhaps, but this is what I know. If you imagine it, desire it, believe it, and go for it, the chances of you achieving it are infinitely better than if you... fleetingly think about it, kind of like the idea of it, hope it might be true and get around to it when you feel like it. As Henry Ford said: ” Whether You Think You Can or Can't, You're Right!"
By incorporating the four tenants of the quote, visualisation, desire, belief and dogged determination you are paving the road to success with much greater certainly.
Keep in mind goal planning is dynamic. It is a journey, not a destination. We need to consider obstacles we might encounter and plan solutions to those obstacles in advance. That way, an obstacle will not stop us in our path. Even if substantial unpredicted obstacles come our way, we will have the confidence to turn and face those obstacles or even set a new path toward an even more rewarding goal.
It really hit home for me when a client of mine, running a fledgling cleaning business and participating in an LMI program, was suddenly faced with a number of “perfect storm” obstacles. She told me that just one year ago she simply would have sat down, cried and quit. Incredibly, she was actually more fired up, more excited, and more motivated at the thought of being able to attack these obstacles with confidence and creativity than she was one month earlier when she was quietly following her plan and actually achieving her predetermined goals on schedule. 
That is when I was reminded, attitude is everything and a great attitude comes from writing down your goals, visualization, desire, belief and dogged determination.
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