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Anick Santerre - Ville de Québec, Quebec

Passionate in entrepreneurship and personal development, Anick Santerre is coaching leaders who like her are spontaneous, driven and creators, to center their efforts towards achieving and surpassing their goals through the LMI programs.  She excels in coaching small to medium size businesses in situations of succession and of growth and even in those more difficult periods.


An engineer by training, Anick Santerre has cumulated more than 15 years of management experience, principally within family businesses operating in the sectors of construction, retail sales and property management.


Beginning in 2005, she has received coaching based on the programs of LMI and has achieved many of the goals that she had set for herself.  She multiplied the bottom line of a construction company by eight times.  Her achievements have permitted her to also overcome two major storms:  A serious accident, as well as an important liquidity crisis.


Having been known to surround herself well, Anick Santerre, became President and General Director, staying the course and succeeding several years later, with success, the sale of the family businesses in 2013.


Manager, coach and mother, Anick Santerre offers you her know how, her talents and her passion to coach you along towards success.

To contact Anick Santerre please call 581-999-7223 or email asanterre@lmicanada.ca



Mélanie Bouchard





Mireille Dubé



Possessing more than 20 years of expertise within the healthcare system, I am an accomplished businesswoman who is passionate about the development of human potential. Holder of a bachelor’ degree in nursing and a master’s degree in Business Administration – business management, I am known for winning others over and inspiring leadership through my actions and words. 


The climate of trust and confidence that I am aiming at establishing with you, as a business partner, is one of the key contributor to successful coaching and the thrust of your objectives, whether personal or professional. My dynamism, expertise and great maturity will allow you to take a step back from the various complexities of your line of business and will encourage you to be part of the action with the goal of maximizing your personal development as well as the development of your work teams and enterprise and bring them to new heights.


Visionary and in touch with your needs, I will accompany you in the development of a strategic vision, of your leadership, in the improvement of your personal productivity and in the outreach of your initiatives and accomplishments. You will discover how result management will allow you to increase your innovative potential, to leverage your creativity and go beyond your limits to reach your objectives and stand out from competition. 


My specific expertise:

  • Scouting and developing management succession; 
  • Thrusting high ranking managers to senior manager positions; 
  • Supporting entrepreneurs in order to develop new markets, increase their turnover by establishing a mature, creative and productive business dynamic; 
  • Boosting work-life balance through time management and the pleasure of taking care of one self, thus generating good work presence and labour input; 
  • Accompanying my clients in the development and the promotion of their effective, mobilizing and strategic leadership. 


Lover of life and philanthropic management, I am involved in community development. I am actively involved in various organizations which contribute to the development of girls and women leadership. I promote the well-being and health of individuals through training and workshops. Finally, I involve myself and supports organizations that promote sport as a transformational tool that contributes to the health and well-being of individuals. 


Looking forward to meeting you and to take the time to analyse your needs.



Jonathan Foster


Visionary manager, intuitive and driven, Jonathan Foster coaches entrepreneurs and leaders who have strategic positons to achieve their objectives through the effective and proven tools of the LMI programs.


From the young college hockey player who started his own small business to the Vice-President of Operations of an enterprise of 200 employees, Jonathan Foster has in 20 years of a career been helping to grow businesses for which he has been committed to.  He is a technician, but moreover an experienced manager:  Project management, operations, human resources, sales and strategic development.


Having himself grown with the LMI programs, he knew how to strategically and effectively develop the growth of a family business, thanks to his vision and the remarkable management of his multidisciplinary team.  The clients were among such companies as Hydro Quebec, Aloca and Tata-Steel.  Furthermore, he has played a key role in the preservation of the enterprise in a period of two major crises and during the successful sale of this last and of its subsidiaries.


Today consultant, Jonathan Foster takes pleasure in creating a partnership with his clients to coach them in the intense (rush) work periods and revel with them the satisfaction of the accomplished work and in the achievement of the objectives.


Jonathan Foster has all of the tools and the experience to ensure you get there.  Contact him and together, you will reach your goals.



Jean-François Larose


Jean-François Larose BA est coach d’affaires professionnel, formateur et conférencier expert en développement des affaires et en développement du potentiel humain.


Il est le fondateur de Persona Coaching en 2009 et membre de l’ICF (International Coach Federation) ainsi que formateur agréé par Emploi-Québec. Il est également Bachelier en communication et relations publiques (BA) de l’Université Laval avec une scolarité en administration des affaires dans la concentration management et marketing. Il est également certifié Praticien Avancé en PNL.


Il possède plus de vingt (20) années d’expérience en vente et marketing ainsi qu’en formation et service à la clientèle, entre autres, dans des secteurs d’activités variés tels que : les technologies de l’information, la distribution de produits biologiques et équitables, la publicité numérique, le vêtement promotionnel et les communications marketing etc.


Il est aussi chef d’entreprise depuis 13 ans et l’animateur des formations et conférences «Devenez un vendeur d’élite», «Développez votre clientèle en maximisant votre temps» « Maximiser vos ventes en maîtrisant votre temps» et «Gestion des priorités».


En outre, il accompagne les propriétaires et dirigeants de PME, les travailleurs autonomes ainsi que les professionnels de la vente afin de les aider à augmenter leur clientèle et leur chiffre d’affaires et à mieux gérer leur équipe de vente. Il les accompagne aussi afin de commercialiser plus efficacement leurs produits et services.


De plus, il aide également les entrepreneurs, dirigeants et gestionnaires à développer leur leadership et leur style d’influence de même qu’à mieux gérer leur temps et leurs priorités et ainsi améliorer leur rendement et celui de leur équipe.



Pierre Roy



Claude Simard


La vie est faite de haut et de bas, de victoires et d’échecs. Aux moments d’allégresse et de grand bonheur, de rires et de joie, alors que tout semble couler de source, que tout nous paraît facile, se succèdent des moments de doute et d’angoisses, de douleurs et de pleurs, de colère et de déceptions. C’est la vie, simplement. Lorsque l’on a pris conscience qu’elle est souvent une balade en montagnes russes, il ne tient qu’à nous de changer nos perceptions et de nourrir la pensée positive, même dans les moments difficiles. Nous possédons tous la force nécessaire pour traverser les plus grandes épreuves. Il y a peu de limites à ce que nous pouvons accomplir. Les plus grands obstacles sont en nous. À partir de grandes leçons apprises durant sa carrière militaire, Claude Simard, aujourd’hui conférencier et motivateur, vous partage des stratégies gagnantes pour atteindre vos objectifs et conservez votre équilibre mental, émotionnel et physique.


Claude Simard est un ancien militaire qui a passé 29 ans dans les Forces canadiennes. Durant sa carrière, il a effectué plusieurs missions à l’étranger (Chypre, Ex-Yougoslavie, Haïti, Croatie, Afghanistan). Pendant quelques années, il était conférencier en santé mentale pour les Forces armées canadiennes. Il a alors donné des présentations et des conférences à des militaires ainsi qu’aux membres de leur famille sur la résilience et sur les manières de composer avec la réalité. Il donne maintenant des conférences et partage son expérience à des étudiants, des travailleurs ou des sportifs pour qu’ils puissent développer leur motivation et une attitude gagnante afin d’atteindre leurs objectifs.



Pierre Thibodeau

Born in Quebec, married and the father of four girls, Pierre Thibodeau is also a proud grandfather of twelve grandchildren.


Pierre started his career as a policeman in 1963 with the Montreal Police Force and was awarded a medal of bravery in 1968. A year later, he co-founded an enterprise and has been involved in the business world until 1983 when he joined LMI Canada. Managing a very motivated team, he has since gained the confidence of over 1,500 customers in all major cities in the province of Quebec.


A graduate in personal, group or enterprise animation, Pierre is fully bilingual and very motivated to pursue his passion to help people reach their full potential.


Pierre Thibodeau is a Certified Coach/Trainer by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail of the Province of Québec.